Statistics that Show the Impact of UC on your Business

How UC contributes in the success of your company through savings in operational costs, efficiency, and level of customer satisfaction

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In all industries, collecting metrics that indicate Return on Investment (ROI) of events, campaigns or strategies are critical to sustainable business operations. With the uncertainty in business and constantly evolving market practices, business executives have been more demanding of ROI statistics on software-related ventures.

ROI reflects business gains and measure efficiency derived by a business venture. Regardless of the size of your business, whether you’re a big ticket company with shareholders or a small sole proprietorship, having information on your ROI enables you to track if time and resources are being spent on productive strategies.

When it comes to the ROI of Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) systems, according to a research conducted by Kerravala Consulting’s ZK Research, the priority gains UCC networks that interest businesses the most include (i) Improved corporate collaboration; (ii) Reduction of communication costs; (iii) Improvement of time  with information; (iv) Internal office communications; (v) Improvement in customer service; and (vi) improved workflows. These benefits all contribute to improving brand loyalty, attracting qualified workers, and increased overall business profitability.

UCC is multi-purpose convergence software that enables users to combine various methods of communication into a single, unified interface. The study reports that based on the wide range of UCC applications, the five most cost-effective solutions include VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, Web Conferencing, Telecommuter Solutions, Audio Conferencing and Unified Messaging.

One of the barriers to UCC usage is the struggle to justify the need for the network, effort of provider transfer, and what is perceived as a cost system upgrade. Using these metrics will definitely dissuade any business manager from transitioning from a multi-lateral telecommunication system to a UCC. However, what are often overlooked are the productivity inputs or “soft ROI” which is also known as the intangibles.

In order to appreciate the value of UCC to your overall business operations, here are some critical measures that make significant contributions to a company’s robustness:

  • Savings from reduced operational costs – An internet-based UCC system will be able to assist in streamlining the overall business process you are currently  employed. By enabling your enterprise to have better telecommunication services, your employees are able to stay connected even when they are mobile. Likewise, a unified system boosts equipment functionality, allowing you to lessen your capital outlay for devices and office fixtures.
  • Increased absorption capacity – With a stronger and more robust communications system, a richer array of feature and services will enable your business to absorb more information. A better digital infrastructure can organize more data that  are readily available for use when necessary. Moreover, UCC enables multiple experts from different departments to input data that can be available to other offices as needed.
  • Production and Workflow Efficiency – Data management and workflow analytics can be a powerful tool that can greatly improve your business operations. With a smart system analyzing and correlating your team’s collaboration, you can make leaps in terms of business operations.
  • Bolstered Project completion rates – By using an automated system that combines voice, data and multimedia, your business can work faster and more efficiently, which in turn, can boost overall productivity. Faster business turnaround results in more accomplishments, reduction in costly delays and reduction in unnecessary work hours.
  • Levels of customer satisfaction – Unified Communications can improve customer service through faster collaboration between experts and customer service representatives. With an improvement in service responsiveness, you are more likely to bring about a higher level of sales leads, clientele expansion, and overall brand reputation.

In order to fully grasp the benefits that can be achieved through the use of a UCC system, non-financial metrics have to be treated with as much importance. One direct example of the benefits of UCC can be seen in a hospital setting. A city wide hospital has adapted a digital patient record database. With the use of portable Wi-Fi capable devices, clinicians are able to tap into a databank with valuable information that leads to better patient care, reduction of human error and an improvement of the hospital’s reputation. This all contribute to the larger picture of generating more inflow due to the recognition of the institution being a provider of premium goods and services.

UCC is critical for businesses who want to integrate a range of work streams into a seamless flow that delivers decision-making, response and productivity.