How UC Can Help You Scale Up in Your Business Communications

An excellent implementation of a unified communication system can make or break a company's success. Read on to find out how UC helps businesses get that competitive edge.

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Being skilled in communication has always been advantageous. The ability to clearly communicate an idea gives an individual an edge in carrying out simple to complex tasks. Likewise in businesses, a good communications system gives a company a competitive advantage. It sounds simplistic but many are actually failing on their communications despite the fact that many of our current technology is designed to improve it.

Studies show that companies with a good workplace communication system can benefit from high worker productivity and employee job satisfaction. It also positively affects absenteeism and turnover rates because when there is good communication flow, employees can have a boost in morale. They will feel valuable, trusted, and secure in their company. On the other hand, the risks in poor workplace communication include low staff morale, confusion for the company’s clients, and loss of business.

The Unified Communications system, or UC, is an example of a modern technology and strategy that allows organizations to communicate better through its 5 specific capabilities which are IP telephony, Instant Messaging, Conferencing, Unified Messaging, and Presence. All these capabilities make for an efficient system to communicate whenever needed, managed in a single platform. This means that all channels of communication are organized in a cost-effective manner which is especially useful for startups and SMBs with a growing market.

How can UC help a growing business? For one, it supports scalability. Unify’s UC platform is scalable from 100 to 500,000 users. Hence, the expansion wouldn’t cause a conflict to an established communications system. In line with that, Unify’s OpenScape Cloud was also introduced this year and it is “designed to provide cloud-based communication and collaboration to a digital workspace.” Customers can effortlessly request for private or public cloud hosting. Additionally, OpenScape Web UC offers a click-to-collaborate feature so that you need only to click on a channel you want to use to interact with your co-workers; then it will instantaneously be launched. OpenScape Voice is present too for the hosting of voice communications and with it, there’s no more need to find yet another provider that will facilitate phone (smartphone and legacy phones alike) to PC connections.

Companies wanting to expand their businesses or scale up their market can be aided by a UC. Since it wouldn’t be too costly anymore to have access on all communication channels, funds can be directed to other important business projects. You can even expect for an increase in revenue due to UC’s positive effects on customer experience. Service will be improved because of employees’ increased responsiveness and adherence to company’s goals. It will also be easier to set up a new physical office, even abroad, because of a mobile, flexible, and reliable communications system. The need to spend more time and money just to send a message across will be reduced, if not eliminated.

Business expansion is a sign of success and therefore shouldn’t be hindered by a communication problem. Instead, make communications be your company’s edge over the competitors.