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The Unified Communications industry maintained an impressive Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) since 2015 and expects this scenario to continue until 2024. Transparency Market Research conducted a study during the last quarter of last year and found a considerable increase in the Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) market in terms of volume and revenues. In 2015, opportunities in the international Unified Communications sector stood at US$8.23 billion which analysts say can go up to US$79.3 billion by 2024.

A recent report published by Markets and Markets says that the telephony or telephone technology segment will keep the biggest market share for the duration of the projection phase. This sector maintains the highest ranking due to the growing demand for Internet Protocol telephony and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in multiple industries. Contact center services will possibly incur the fastest revenue growth from 2016 until 2024. Modern enterprises’ benefits from UCaaS  range from the reduction of operating expenses, absence of upfront costs, and improved security.

Effective solutions from

Unify, one of the acknowledged leaders in offering seamless UC solutions to businesses worldwide, underscores the need for the efficient integration of real-time as well as traditional communication capabilities and facilities into a unified solution. Unified Communications depends on sophisticated Voice over IP technology to convey calls over the worldwide web. Unify offers the following products and services to corporate clients:

  • Internet Protocol Voice
  • Web Collaboration
  • Soft Phones and Mobility Features
  • Video and Web Conferencing
  • Advanced Email Messaging

These solutions fit well into the existing infrastructure and business practices of companies and help enhance productivity. The technical team of Unify  makes sure that all its solutions will be easy to install, effective, and scalable. Any business solution that Unify proposes provides absolute value for the customer at minimal cost.  

Each strategy ensures savings for the customer in terms of reducing the need for equipment upgrade and retaining loyal clients permanently. Winning clients over is not the end of the company’s campaign. It spends time, resources, and effort to preserve relationships after linking up with consumers. makes it a point that each of its products provides lasting benefits for end-users.Take the case of its premier service called the OpenScape Cloud.

OpenScape Cloud

The company introduced recently a carrier-grade voice and collaboration cloud platform ideal for  a start-up with a few personnel or large multinationals that employ thousands of employees. The app provides a small outfit the same potential and flexibility as a big corporation. OpenScape Cloud ensures a complete voice solution for users with straightforward set-up process and capacity to sustain their business requirements. Clients can expect this system to become available in the cloud for a longer time. This package comes with a simple pricing structure and an affordable payment plan.

Positive testimonials from reputable clients

With some of the most prominent global corporations as its clients, Unify never fails to elicit positive reviews from companies like Fujitsu Technology Corporations, Ralph Lauren, Coca-Cola, Konica Minolta, and many others.

Robert Mayer, Fujitsu Technology Solutions Senior Director for IT Governance and Infrastructure Management, describes how the OpenScape Cloud facilitated the successful transfer of data between two international Information, Communication, and Technology firms. “The successful migration in just one weekend was the result of an intensive partnership between two global acting ICT companies,” Mr. Mayer stated.

Ralph Lauren, the brand leader in apparel, fragrances, accessories, and home items, also added OpenScape to its system which the retail giant utilized to beef up communications among different outlets in the USA and  Canada.

Unify looks forward to intensify research and development initiatives for enhancing the quality of its offerings. The company does not stop in looking at possible areas for improvement but is always focused on satisfying  all clients with robust UC techniques and technologies.